SkyPrivate is a network / technology provider that makes it very simple for indie models to charge for Skype shows, as well as phone sex. SkyPrivate offers a plugin for Skype, as well as a mobile application for your phone. Both these products make it insanely simple to charge for sessions, while providing tools to eliminate freeloaders and time-wasters. Here’s all the details for SkyPrivate models.

The primary focus of SkyPrivate is to sell Skype shows. SkyPrivate makes it very easy to charge for Skype shows, and also gives tools to book shows. Using the SkyPrivate plugin, you can also verify that customers have funds in their accounts, eliminating freeloaders and time-wasters. 

The SkyPrivate plugin integrates directly with Skype. It’s the same Skype interface with a couple added features. Here’s how the Skype plugin works.

Step 1) Register For SkyPrivate – Before using the Skype plugin, you must first register for SkyPrivate.

Step 2) Download The Plugin – Once registered, you’ll be given access to the dashboard. From here you can download the plugin.

Step 3) Start The Plugin – With Skype running, start  the installed plugin. Now you can use Skype as normal, but fully integrated with SkyPrivate.

While the plugin is running, anyone calling you requires a SkyPrivate account. The SkyPrivate plugin won’t let the call connect unless the customer has money funded in their account. This prevents freelaoders. Outside of using SkyPrivate as a payment processor, there’s tons of other cool features listed below: