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Lying causes unforeseeable damage and pain to those being lied to, the liar and innocent bystanders. People who are scam are left unsatisfied and angry besides other negative emotions but the money taken doesn’t go to where it was intended and belongs – Online Sex Workers with Honor and Integrity. Sex Work is Real Work. We use our time, talents, skills, resources and capital   supporting and promoting those honorable Sex Workers. As a community service we are also going to expose the scammers! It is the same spirit that drives us and is the foundation of this endeavor. We all  may have shared the too common experience of being scammed and it ruins our time in the online adult community and affects our behavior and treatment of sex workers. When an agreed upon commercial exchange of goods and services is completed and both sides are satisfied, good energy is created and should be shared. Share your bad experiences to warn others and and everyone will benefit.


We want this to be a place where anyone can enter data like usernames on social media, payment addresses, phone numbers, etc and search for bad experiences with scammers and confirm your suspicions so you can avoid being rip-offed or the worst, be a victim of a romance scam. We will do our best and this is not a place to cause pain or extract revenge. Information only. This is going to be a lot of work so volunteers are welcome.

For now use the form to submit your experience with a scammer including every detail, times, screenshots, media exchanged, all links, any information to confirm your story. Be sure that you have given them ample time and opportunity to make good on the deal and submit that info too. Not all experiences will be publicly displayed here. 


Scammer Submittal Form

Please fill out the following form with your complaint. We will review your information and contact you if needed. This process is serious and not taken lightly.

Your Information for Verification and Follow Up if necessary.

Fake information is opposite the spirit and will be disregarded.


Alleged Scammers Info

Everything given by them or discovered (and how) by yourself

The Scam

Be as detailed as possible for easy verification so that patterns can be determined and possibly exposed.