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Hey guys a member of our community and a personal friend of mine that has done more for me than I can possibly express is in the hospital and hurt very badly.  Her name is Lee Zard a.k.a. LoFi, MVPofThetwackteam69, Wizardtoof, Ozone Queen, Lizzard, I ask all of you guys to do your very best to help put the word out into the world we call ours and even if you cannot donate money please donate enough time to share this link and her story as often and loudly as you can. Donations of time and effort and good vibes will bridge gaps that money cannot.  She has a very big hill to climb up and will need the help of everyone to get to the apex of this obstacle.  She shattered her spine by falling off of a building in Oakland she was going to tag. She has already left a huge mark in our community by the contribution of her various artistic expressions like PNP porn and Graffiti art. 

Click here to go to her GoFundMe page