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An online platform that lets fans connect with content creators. Subscribe to your favourite creators’ pages and get spoilt with exclusive content – including photos, videos, direct messages, and Live FanStreams!


SmuttyFy is an Adult Social Network, Facebook alike, that provides easy access and engagement to consenting adults.

“Our presence online is clearly imprinted with freedom of adult expression within the limits of the law and set for mature audiences. We see sex and erotism as a huge part of adulthood and continuously censured. We want to make it available for consenting adults.” says Smuttyfy CEO Mike Pinto. Moreover, “SmuttyFy presents itself as a mesh up of several Social Networks widely available and the scattered NSFW communities all over the net. Coming together in one place will increase security, confidence and sense of engagement that the Adult user searches when it comes to share their image, their intimacy, their fantasies and their fetishes”.

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