Exciting New Feature!

My.Club is expanding its offer of AI "Digital Twins" to all creators, starting today. Still in beta development, My.Club’s Digital Twin is an AI version of each creator, customizable by the creator to mirror their personality and preferences. The Digital Twin can chat and create personalized mass messaging as well as create original photo and video content.

Just like OnlyFans, My.Club is a free-to-use and adult-friendly subscription-based platform where fans can buy content directly from the influencer. You set the price to join your club, sell your exclusive content, and keep 80% of those earnings.

My.Club has many different features and options for creators to sell their content and interact with fans in a variety of ways. The best part is that if you already have an account in any other site, you can export your content and get verified with My.Club in just one click. You can copy your content from OnlyFans, Fansly, AVN Stars, or Stripchat. Getting started doesn’t get much simpler than that.

My.Club lives by the motto “don’t put all your eggs in one [Only]basket”, and as such, it has different income streams for creators. Not only do creators enjoy a consistent monthly revenue from their subscriptions, but they can also sell their content directly to their audience through messages. How does this work? My.Club has a groundbreaking messaging system that allows creators to send private or mass messages to their fans and sell their content there. So this means that they can reach a broader audience and make great sales with just one single message sent. It’s also a great tool to drive engagement  with little effort from the creator’s side.

Moreover, what makes My.Club different is that it offers the possibility for users to send tips to their favorite creators. If they like the photos and videos, they can simply send a tip to show love and appreciation, which translates into extra money for the creator.

There are 5 ways to make money with your content:
1. Set your club’s membership fee that all members need to pay monthly to be able to view your posts.
2. Send paid photos and videos to your fans in Messages. To view these photos and videos, your fans need to pay for each one.
3. You can set the price for your fans to send you a photo. That is, they can send you their photos, but only after they pay the price you determine.
4. Anyone can send you tips if they love you and your content.
5. If some non-members of your club want to message you, they need to pay to unlock chatting with you.

My.Club also has an blog called 'How to Earn'